Saturday, 23 October 2010

me, me and more about me.

I'm charlie and i'm ten.
Ive decided to wright a blog, as my sister does one, (i shall post a link at the end) and she loves writing her blog so i thought i would start, because i seem to have a load of free time.
Ill start with a little bit of info about my family, i live at home with my mum(donna), dad (craig), big sister;Nicole, my two dogs (molly&alfie) and my cat named Honey :)
i'm in year six at school; and i love school! say what you want but i do!
So right now i'm watching family guy (which i love!), with my little sister and doggys.
ive had a pretty boring day, so nothing much to tell you about.
i will try to blog everyday if i have time.
Charlotte. x (my sisters blog!)

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