Sunday, 24 October 2010

new news for you !

hello agane 
so did you woch the xfactor last night well my sister cant stop talking for aden grimshor but who cant he is so cool but why is he upsest with chans ? i meen come on i also like cher she rocks im going to a party tomorow and you have to go as your fAVOURITE  charater , actor or singer  so i disayded to go as cher wow she is so cool i will try get some pics uploded for you  i would realy like you  to give some coments or even some questions i will answer them for you sorry my blog is short but dont no what to wright  so                                 until next time 
                                               charlotte xxxxxxx   :) :0   :$

Saturday, 23 October 2010

me, me and more about me.

I'm charlie and i'm ten.
Ive decided to wright a blog, as my sister does one, (i shall post a link at the end) and she loves writing her blog so i thought i would start, because i seem to have a load of free time.
Ill start with a little bit of info about my family, i live at home with my mum(donna), dad (craig), big sister;Nicole, my two dogs (molly&alfie) and my cat named Honey :)
i'm in year six at school; and i love school! say what you want but i do!
So right now i'm watching family guy (which i love!), with my little sister and doggys.
ive had a pretty boring day, so nothing much to tell you about.
i will try to blog everyday if i have time.
Charlotte. x (my sisters blog!)